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January 16, 2013

The greatest thing about living in Ghana is the names of the businesses. You see in most cultures when you name a business, it relates to the business in some way. However, in Ghana, where religion is a cornerstone, people name their business in honor of God.

So it’s not unusual to see signs that say, “By His Blessings” Hair Salon or “Prayer Works” cement blocks. In fact, even taxi cabs and trotros (private buses) get involved in the fun, boasting window stickers that say “Now is the Time” and “Are you, God.”

The greatest things about these signs is that they are the perfect reminder that there is order in life. The number of times these random signs have brought smiles to my lips are countless. So I am sharing some of them with you in hopes that you too get a little bit of inspiration.

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Worry breeds fear and as an entrepreneur there is no room for fear

Ghana Image 5Ghana Signs 2


Ghana Signs

Taken on Abokobi Road near the GILLBT Guest HouseGhana Signs 5

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