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2013, Best Yet?

December 31, 2012

Well, today, is December 31st. First, I just want to say congratulations for making it through another year as an African entrepreneur. If you are currently just a budding African entrepreneur, then good luck on the upcoming year. Either way, as you look back  on your year of doing business in Africa, I am sure that you see a year full of successes and failures, as well as the realization of false hope and the the idealization of bitter disappointment. However, the great thing about it, is that the New Year has come.

As an African entrepreneur it is inevitable that you will spend more time this year on your business resolutions versus your personal resolutions. In fact, most of you, will vow to spend more time in one area of your business than another, some will vow not to be so “trusting”, while others will vow to be less aggressive; after all, being patient is the best lesson you can learn if you are doing business in Africa. I am even sure some of you will even vow to make your first million as African entrepreneurs this year, and undoubtedly some of you will.

But the one thing I will caution you about as you make these resolutions on how you do business in Africa, is not to spend so much time and energy reflecting on what happened in the past year, instead reflect on where you are going in the New Year. As an African entrepreneur, especially if you were new to the terrain, I am sure that you had plenty of learning lessons. After all, the African business terrain is nothing like anything else. But no matter, how painful these learning lessons might have seemed, they have made you more equipped for success while doing business in Africa.

So instead of lamenting about the why Africa is a tough business terrain, spend time being grateful for the skills and knowledge you gained, this past year, that make you a better African entrepreneur. Focus not on the past relationships that failed and the promises that were broken, but instead focus on the opportunity to build new relationships where promises and commitments are honored. And never look at the money you have lost an an African entrepreneur while doing business in Africa, because, after all, it really is an investment.

So good luck in the New Year and make sure you have subscribed. After all, you will need plenty of encouraging and that is why we are here. Happy New Year, may 2013 be your best yet.




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