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The Business the Brickhouse Built

December 14, 2012

Yesterday, I participated in the Black Enterprise #bossmoves twitter chat. It was stocked full of good information on how women can advance in the business sector; however, I must admit, I am always entertained by the number of people who believe that being a woman is a disadvantage versus an advantage in the business world.

You see, I believe women have quietly ruled behind the scenes since the beginning of time. After all, let us not forget it was Eve who convinced Adam to eat the apple, Delilah who took Samson down, and in modern times, both President Clinton and Dominique Strauss Khan, two of the modern’s world most powerful men, have illustrated poor decision making when it comes to a woman.

Man’s natural inherent weakness for women can often work in a woman’s favor, especially when doing business in Africa. Now, let me clarify I don’t endorse any woman sleeping her way to the top. However, I do understand that when presented properly, a woman’s femininity can open any door she desires.

My femininity has gotten me jobs, contracts and and invitations to various VIP events. Once, I even sat next to President Sirleaf Johnson at an event, thanks to a lobbyist who was fond of me and wanted to give me exposure. In fact, if I wasn’t a woman, it would probably be a lot harder to be an entrepreneur in Ghana. After all, men here are always interested in meeting with a pretty woman in Africa.

Being a woman is a powerful asset, not a hindrance. The influence we can exert with just one sweet word and touch on the back is priceless. Our ability to negotiate without offending others, to see multiple perspectives at once and, on top of that, look flawlessly beautiful while executing makes us stand apart from the crowd.

So, women, although some would demonize your femininity and natural sexuality, I encourage you to embrace it by wearing clothes that hug your curves and perfumes as sweet as a valley of lilies. Milk your male co-workers ego, especially if he can exert influence on your behalf,  and don’t be afraid to bake like Betty Crocker, if you have too. Trust me, in the end, if done properly, you will soon be the one calling the shots.

Now, don’t get carried away and become the office “Mommy”; however, its like the old saying goes, ” You get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”

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