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Relationship Mapping

December 13, 2012

In nature most scientists agree that there are three types of symbiotic relationships:

1) Parasitism- where the organism hosting the parasite is hurt and the parasite benefits.

2) Commensalism- where only one organism benefits, but the other organism is neither helped nor harmed, and

3) Mutualism- where both organisms benefit from the relationship.

It is also true, that these three relationships apply to human interaction.  The only difference is that humans relationships  involve emotion.  So, as a result, it is sometimes harder for humans to determine exactly what type of relationship they are having with another individual. After all,  many of us would like to believe that we can be involved in a mutual relationship although it might be of a parasitic nature, but it’s just not true. Why you ask? Because it doesn’t happen like that in nature, and of course, nature is a simplistic guide for how human life is- you just need to pay attention.

Identifying and mapping your relationships will not only help you in personal relationships, but your business relationships as well. Knowing how you are relating to another living organism can save you a lot of time, energy and ,yes, even heartache. Being able to remove emotions and accept that you can only be involved in one of these three types of relationships, at any given time, will undoubtedly make you a better, happier person. It will  also give you a running edge in identifying  potential mentors , business partners, and energy suckers.

The hardest part of this nature’s lesson though is remembering there are no exceptions to the rule. Are you up for this challenge?

Now let me say this, the great thing about humans is that we, unlike other pieces of nature, are in control of changing ourselves. So, there will be times when a person changes and as a result your relationship will change. However, please refrain from thinking that a person will change and one day your relationship will change because there are no guarantees.

The only thing that is guaranteed is that all of the relationships we involve ourselves will undoubtedly fall into one of these three categories. Knowing and understanding the basic relationships found in nature will undoubtedly help make your road to success  a lot less bumpier.

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