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3 Tips to Overcome Entrepreneurial Depression

December 12, 2012

Inevitably there will be times when every broke entrepreneur will become depressed. There will be times where you really are walking the thin line of being poor or times when that great deal falls through the cracks, or even times when you wonder, “What the hell am I doing?” You my friend, are not alone.

Since moving to Ghana and starting my own business there have been times that I have broken down in the back of a taxi cab crying…or even in the middle of a busy intersection. Other times, I think about moving back to the States. Fortunately, this thought never lasts long,  and I have even sat around for days doing nothing at all, but crying intermittently and looking out the window. These moments are defining moments in the broke entrepreneurs life because not everyone will make it out of this depression.

Depression, is a very dangerous thing for an entrepreneur because it overwhelms the senses. It clouds your ability to think and to operate. It makes you blind to opportunities and makes it impossible for you to see what is on the horizon versus what is in front of you. So how do you make a turn around?

Here are a few things that any entrepreneur can do to make sure you don’t become overwhelmed with depression.

1) Write a List of Things You Are Grateful For- Sounds simple, but this list is not for things you currently have, it is for things you want to have. So if you are selling a product , you can say I am grateful that I was able to sell 100 items this month- whether it has been done or not. If you are religious, many people call this claiming your blessing, but for those of us with a more universal approach it is just helping you manifest success in your mind- the place where all success really begins. Now whenever, you are in a little funk simply refer to this letter and reread it until you are affirmed that these things are coming to you. You will be surprised at the burst of energy this list can give you. I have one that I refer to every morning, and yes, it does help.

2) Limit the People You Share Your Vision With- The hardest thing about being an entrepreneur is getting your friends and family to believe in you. No matter how much they love you or care for you, they will be the first people who usually tell you that something is impossible. Therefore, as you build your business sometimes you will find it is best to keep details to yourself or only share them with people who will give you positive energy. After all, other people’s negative thoughts and energy not only go into the universe, but will eventually affect you to.  It doesn’t mean you should cut your friends and family off from your thought process because you will need their support; however, always remind yourself you don’t need their opinions.

3) Learn to Be Still- Now most entrepreneurs, by character, are industrious people. So the hardest thing for many of us to do is to stand still. Many of us will feel that if we are doing something we consider productive today then the day is a waste. However, I have learned that is not always the truth. Some of the best opportunities I have gotten since living in Ghana came on days when I was doing absolutely nothing. I wasn’t on the internet doing research, I wasn’t making phone calls or doing planning, I didn’t even wake up early. But yet, the opportunities still came. Entrepreneurs often forget that there is only so much planting and watering that can be done. Inevitably, there will have to be days where you just sit and wait to reap the harvest. Check out the Nature Lessons tab to see more on how this lesson manifests itself in nature.

The bottom line is, is that in order to create an empire you have to believe in that success. Therefore, there is no room for the doubt and worry that depression can often bring. In fact, becoming depressed endangers everything you have worked so hard for. So when feeling down follow the three tips above and if all else fails just repeat one of your early childhood mantras, ” I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!”

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