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The Secret of Success

December 11, 2012

I believe that you create your own destiny. I believe that each individual is a god of their life and has every right to ask the universe for what they want and, even better, receive it when the appropriate time has come.

Yes, some of you will undoubtedly think I am crazy, but I know some of you believe this as well maybe you just haven’t been unplugged from the matrix yet. However, I know what I am saying is true.

Each time I make a major move in my life I get a tattoo. Before moving to DC in 2006, I was drawn to get Nyame Dua, a West African Andrinka sign known as the tree of God; it symbolizes God’s presence and protection. Who knew that five years later, I would be living in the very African country the sign originates from?

After college I lived in Mississippi, however, opportunities that were once abundant dried up. Finally defeated I opted to move to Memphis, Tennessee to live with my mother. During this time I decided I wanted to do politics. It just so happened we had long, lost family that lived in DC. After attending a wedding and meeting my cousins one time, one of them was gracious enough to allow me to live with her during my relocation. Within three weeks, I had a full-time job and an apartment. Within eight months I had started my masters degree in Public Administration with a focus in public policy and management. All the while, I was telling people that I would one day work for Congress. I used to slow down as I passed the Capitol and tell myself that one day I would work here. Four months before I finished my masters I had landed a job on Capitol Hill. Coincidence?

My life has been filled with instances like this, and I am sure if you examine your life closely it is filled with moments that were dictated by your thoughts and your expectations. Whether good or bad, you really get what you give the universe. I have willed everything from cars to apartments to job opportunities into existence, and of course, I acknowledge that occasionally I do will some negative things into my life as well. But, hey no one is perfect.

The point is, is that being an entrepreneur takes an incredible amount of positive energy. It takes a human being’s belief that what they are doing is directly in line with their destiny, even if it seems to be leading them on the road to hell. It takes the confidence to be assertive in identifying what you want, but the knowledge to know that you may have to be flexible with the universe. After all, it has been said there is a season for everything.

What things are you willing into your life?


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  1. aubreyhoneycutt permalink

    Very well said. I am in the process of allowing. I am done willing and need to just let the sh*t sit. I have spent too much time trying to force things. When I am done allowing, I will jump right back into willing. The power of the human will has yet to be measured. Not sure if it ever will.

    • It always does. The key is to be still and listen and observe the signs that the universe presents to you. Check back regularly for the nature lessons. I think you will enjoy them. 🙂

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