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Broke versus Poor

December 11, 2012

I am a broke entrepreneur. However, please do not confuse that with me being poor. I will not claim that I am living day by day, and scraping the bottom of the barrel for meals and money. That would be a lie. Despite, my fiscal challenges, I still manage to live a decent life and this, my friends, is the difference between being broke and being poor.

You see poor people have absolutely no resources to play with. They are people that can’t afford meals with their friends or even a small retreat to a place 45 minutes away. Poor people don’t have options, in fact, they may need to consider getting a job.

A broke person, on the other hand, just carefully weighs the investment and decides if it is worth it or not. After all, when working with limited resources, every penny really does count. So a broke person may turn down a weekend trip because they feel that $200 can be better spent. They understand the potential value that the money could add to their business venture.

So how do you establish yourself as a broke entrepreneur versus a poor entrepreneur? The short answer, live below your means. After all, it’s a lot harder to climb a mountain with no provisions.

So now, are you a broke entrepreneur or a poor entrepreneur?


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